Friday, July 3, 2009


I've never made a secret in these posts about my current dislike of most DC product lately. But recently I've picked up a few titles and have to report back on how much I am enjoying them. The first I want to talk about is Batwoman.

I know this character was introduced a year or so ago in the pages of 52. I never read an issue of that maxi series, so I had no idea of the character. Of course I had read and heard of all the buzz about her. That she was a lesbian. At the time that seemed to be what the whole point of the character seemed to be. I'm too much a fan of Greg Rucka, who was one of the creating voices behind the character, to believe that to be true, but that's all that was talked about. That she was a lesbian.

Now, however long ago since she was introduced, I'm not really sure because like I said I haven't been too involved in very many stories at DC for the past few years, they're bringing her back. It seems like the fuss of her sexual orientation has died down somewhat.

Instead of giving her own book they're putting her as the lead feature in Detective Comics. I had no plan to pick up her debut in the title, but when I was at the comic book store I saw the cover and was intrigued. The cover and the interior art is by JH William III and all I can saw is that it is incredible! The cover reached out and grabbed me. I picked up the issue and flipped through it. The art was so good I couldn't put it down. I love the red that is part of her costume, it makes the costume jump out at you.

I still didn't know how the story was, but I am a big fan of Greg Rucka's novels so I was at least hopeful. I was pleased overall, by both the art and the writing. Even though I know nothing of Batwoman's past or origin I was pulled into the story and found myself liking the character and wanting to know more about her.

I will definitely be continuing with this series. If they can keep up the quality of this issue they'll have me hooked. I really like this so far.

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