Friday, April 17, 2009

Help ReBuild Len Wein's Comic Collection

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When I first started reading comics and recognizing the names of the creators the first names I noticed was Stan Lee. Later Roy Thomas started popping up in a lot of the comics I read. But after that when the seventies hit two names started popping up in most of the comics I read and enjoyed. Marv Wolfman and Len Wein. Those two names seemed to be connected for a lot of reasons, but taking over the writing for a lot of the comics that I once enjoyed by the aforementioned Mr. Lee and Thomas were these two new and coming gentlemen.

At the time I was pretty much a Marvel Zombie so I missed their work when they would go to DC. When Len created Swamp Thing I was reading Man Thing. But than he came back and helped to create the New X-Men. I remember buying the first issue of the New X-Men. I wasn't even that big a fan of the old X-Men, but at the time I was buying most anything with the Marvel logo on it. This was an interesting group, different than most of the other groups out there at the time.

And I still remember that issue of Hulk that introduced that little runt named Wolverine. I was a big fan of Hulk and was buying every issue so when number 181 came out it was just another in a long series of Hulks stretching back to issue 102 when he took over Tales to Astonish and the book was renamed. At the time I have to admit I didn't see the future for the Candian mutant. If I had I would have purchased about a dozen copies of that issue.

All this is leading up to the fact that Len Wein's house was recently destroyed by a fire. Everyone but their beloved dog got out safely. The insurance is fixing the house, but Len lost a lot of other things in the fire that either the insuarance won't cover or will be almost impossible to track down. One of these things is a collection of all the comic books he has written over the years. Mark Evanier has organized a site to help get these missing comics for Mr. Wein. Go to this site and check it out and do what you can to help.

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