Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I've made mention of the fact that I once did a little writing in the comic world and would like to attempt another go at it. But being a writer in comics without an artist puts you at a severe disadvantage. I've talked about my search for artists before on this blog and will bore you with results or lack of results in the future.

In the day when I first made my attempts at finding artists one of the best places to discover said talent was the Comic Buyer's Guide. They were weekly than and ran a classified ad section in the back that for mere pennies on the word I could advertise my plight. And what's more I had people, no not just people, actual artists, answer. I met Ron Wilber, who illustrated the run of Lizards in CRITTERS. I met other artists.

Nowdays CBG is a monthly. (I'm assuming, I hate to say this but I haven't seen an issue in a long time) and I'm not even sure if they still run a classified section. Back than there just seemed to be more places to advertise for the need of an artist or writer. You would think with the internet there would be even more oppertunaties to find a working partner, but if there is I must just not know where to look.

So in addition to this blog (and the others) I've started another blog. This one is geared towards finding an artist. It's called I NEED ARTISTS! A Writer In Search of Artistic Colabration. My ten cent description of it is:

Imagine this blog as my resume for interested artists. I have plenty of ideas that could fill up a lot of comic books, but what I don't have are artists to help bring those ideas to life. Thus this blog is born. In it I will attempt to chronicle my brief and meager existence of a somewhat published comic book writer back in the day. Any interested artists (or publishers) can contact me at JohnH985@yahoo.com.
I recently posted a short story that I did with the wonderful artist Craig Boldman. Craig today is the writer on the Jughead comic.

Go check the site out. Better yet, if you know an artist tell them to go check it out
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