Thursday, July 31, 2008

Terry Moore

Terry Moore is the writer/artist mainly known for the long running black and white series "Strangers In Paradise." For the majority of its run Terry published the series himself. Image published it briefly before Moore took it back under his Abstract Studios imprint to publish himself. I admire what Terry did with SiP, but I ended up not as a big fan of the series at the end as I was at the start.

His newest creation is "Echo" another self published black and white comic. This comic is fast becoming one of my favorites. From what I've read he's structuring it to last around 18 issues. I find myself eagerly awaiting each new issue. And one thing he seems to have been able to do is keep up on a schedule for the book, which a lot of other self publishers still have trouble doing.

Terry is also taking over the writing chores on "Runaways," a series published by Marvel that Brian Vaughn created and more recently Joss Whedon wrote. I usually wait for the hardback volumes of the series to come out, I have the first two and thought the series really good. I'll be looking forward to Terry's take on the characters.

And finally he is doing "Spiderman Loves Mary Jane" comic. Which I might just have to check out, since he seems to be on such a roll lately.
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